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It takes a special talent to come off as the bad guy in a conversation about Bashar al-Assad and Adolf Hitler.

Susan Rice, Barack Obama’s national-security adviser, admits, after first having denied, that she “unmasked” the names of Trump transition-team members caught on surveillance tapes talking with Russian diplomats, though she insists that she did not leak any names to the public. There was ample reason to be concerned about Trump aide Michael Flynn, fired after 24 days as Rice’s successor (Flynn had taken a paying gig in Russia before he joined the Trump team). Still, leaking classified information to the press is a crime. And we know leaks occurred, because lo, the press was filled with reports of Flynn’s doings (attributed, e.g., by the New York Times to “Obama advisers” and “Obama officials”). Did Rice ask, Who will rid me of this turbulent Flynn? Did she expect a leak to happen, without having to ask, if she disseminated his name widely enough? Isn’t it a shame to be concerned with such Byzantine scenarios in a republic of laws?

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