NR Digital


by William W. Runyeon


We do not live in the shadow of the pyramids,
or of the great cathedrals, or of the Eiffel Tower,
or of the Titanic, or of cities abandoned
or destroyed, or of ancient graveyards,
sometimes unearthed by highway construction,
or of more modern graveyards, closer to home,

but we pass through these shadows
with some often unstated sense of their presence;
a passage that at first seems nearly random,
an anecdotal awareness of whatever
sense of the culture into which we are born
rises up into the enterprise of that day’s living;

a self-serving illusion of coherence
cannot be dismissed, nor may it
be fairly embraced; we hold neither the light
nor the shadow, but live them both,
a passage making its pattern, day and night,
sunrise defiant of the rubble, whatever its form.

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